Become a Vermont Maple Sugar Maker

When I think back to my childhood and remember fond memories, one activity that is always included in going to my uncle and aunt’s farm in Weathersfield, VT and being in their sugar shack, smelling the sweet odor of boiling sap, feeling the comforting heat of the wood fire and seeing the sap collected by horses. Here’s your opportunity to begin a small sugaring operation that your children will likely remember many years from now. On waffles, pancakes or as a sweetener Vermont maple syrup is hard to beat. Vermont maple syrup from your own trees. Go from sap from your own sugar maple trees to your table. This for sale property of 11.4 acres at 3325 Hinesburg Road – Richmond, VT 05477 has many mature and younger sugar maple trees. These sugar maple trees haven’t been tapped for over thirty years. The Vermont maple syrup industry is booming. Millions of dollars are being invested in buying plots of land with sugar maple trees, installing vacuum pipelines to collect maple sap and building and upgrading buildings to boil and store Vermont maple syrup and related products. Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States. 1.8 million gallons were produced in Vermont in 2017. Hobbyist maple producers have also increased significantly as the health and sweetener benefits are becoming more widespread AND the benefits of working together as a family to produce Vermont maple syrup are realized. Imagine starting a family tradition of working together each March / April to collect and boil from your own maple sugar bush. Many hobbyists boil outside and many build small sugar shacks with wood-fired boilers reminiscent of times gone by.