Richmond VT town meeting – 3/6/2018

Richmond, VT Town Meeting - March 6, 2018 - Pledge of Allegiance When you buy a home, move or start a business, you are also buying into a community. Getting to know Richmond, VT is a critical step in selecting a property within the town. In fact, I urge you to get to know Richmond, VT before you select a property to buy. Although buying a property with features that you want is a major influence on whether you will be happy there, to a great degree, your neighborhood and wider community will affect how happy you are. Most Vermont towns still hold annual town meetings on or near the first Tuesday in March. Richmond, VT held their town meeting yesterday, 3/6/2018. Town meetings offer a glimpse of a town’s personality. Here’s a video of the Richmond, VT town meeting. Enjoy! PS – Notice that Richmond, VT begins their town meeting by reciting the pledge of allegiance. More about Richmond, VT